‘Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures’.

– Henry Ward Beecher

Paintings – Representational

Black Rocks

102cm x76cm / Acrylic
R7 500 

The Pier

51cm x 40cm / Acrylic
R4 900

The Beacon

68cm x 44cm / Acrylics
R7 900

The Harbour

68cm x 59cm / Oils
R6 500

Twisted Trees

 90cm x 84cm
R3 900

Jacob Boat

80cm x 63cm
R6 800

Bird Hide

 90cm x 60cm
R7 200

Red Forest

91cm x 60cm / Acrylics
R5 900

Coral Grove

30cm x 22cm / Acrylics
R2 800

Lake in the Berg

83cm x 76cm / Oils
R5 500

Delta Dam




Desert Flowers

91cm x 60cm / Acrylics
R4 800


90cm x 60cm / Oils
R5 500


129cm x 78cm / Acrylics
R5 200

 Poppy Fields

 91cm x 60cm
R5 500